Classes in Seam 2 hot folder makes page load real slow

Seam 2 hot deploy is cool. It make sure that all seam beans in the hot folder is reloaded if changed. All Seam beans in the src/hot folder get reloaded runtime by seam, unless they are annoteted with @BypassInterceptors. This is cool compared to restarting the server.

But as you add classes to the hot folder it gets slower and slower to reload a page, and by the time you reach 400+ it added about 4-10 seconds to every page call. Of cause this only apply to the development build of seam, because in the live configuration all classes end up in the same normal non hot deploy folder and causes no problem.

The solution for me was to move all classes from hot to the main folder, and then have JRebel take care of the class reloading. This have the added value JRebel can reload all classes, even seam beans annotated with @BypassInterceptors.

It works like a charm, and the new version 5 is dead easy to set up in eclipse.


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